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100% of the proceeds from this hoodie go back to the Browning High School Student Suicide Prevention Group called "Two is Better Than One". These funds will help them with their suicide awareness/ prevention efforts within their schools in Browning and surrounding areas. Thank you for your donation!

***Hoodie Orders take 3-6 weeks for printing before they can be shipped out!***

**Because Hoodies are so expensive, we are unable to keep them in stock, so they are orders only**

(Scroll down in the size section for more sizes. Sizes range Youth Extra Small all the way up to Adult 3XL)

This hoodie is red with black and white accents. The front has the "Two is Better Than One" logo and the back has the Warrior Movement shield. The cuffs on each sleeve contain the Suicide Hotline number for Montana and the Suicide Text number for Montana.

Browning High School Suicide Prevention Fundraiser Hoodie