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Together we Rise

Battling Youth Suicide

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Our Mission

    The Warrior Movement is about bringing hope to those contemplating suicide. It's about spreading the message that there are people who care, that life is precious, and there are programs and life skills they can learn to help them get through the tough times.  We aim to bring awareness to those who have the means to step up and make a difference with those going through these struggles.

    Its about developing a Warrior mentality in this battle against the darkest of foes. That means cultivating the courage to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others. We are all stronger when we fight together.

   Our goal is to provide free and positive youth activities and community events to promote family and community involvement. Our motto is "Together We Rise", and we strongly believe that coming together as one and finding a sense of belonging can help in this battle against suicide. We strive to give youth a platform to have a voice and to be able to voice opinions on such topics. 

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