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MAKING A Difference Scholarship

Passionate About Inspiring Others

The Warrior Movement is excited to announce our 2024 Annual Making a Difference Scholarship. To be eligible, you must be a Senior High School student and either enrolled or first descendant in a Federally recognized tribe. See the Information and Instruction Section for further eligibility details.


Each recipient selected will be awarded a $500 scholarship.


The Making a Difference Scholarship aims to identify and recognize high school-age students who significantly engage and challenge their schools and/or communities to advance positive change in their community and promote respect and understanding among all people. This application asks you to describe how you have brought a positive activity or change to your school or community. 


Your application will be assessed on your role and level of effort in the activity(ies) you describe and the scope and impact of the activity(ies). The past couple of years has presented tremendous challenges on multiple levels, preventing your ability to realize your projects fully. We understand and encourage you to still apply! You will have an opportunity to let us know in the application how the circumstances of the past couple of years have impacted your efforts.


Choose One Submission: 


(Application Online format OR PDF format)


Online Scholarship Application (Google Form):

  • 1. Each recipient will be awarded a $500.00 scholarship.

  • 2. Applicants must be currently enrolled/graduated from a high school grades 12 for the 2023-2024 school year;

  • 3. Enrolled American Indian person of a Federally recognized Tribal Nation or 1st Descendant and;

  • 4. Both parts of the application must be completed to be considered for the award. The applicant must fill out Part I of the application, and the sponsor/supporter must fill out Part II and write a recommendation letter on your behalf.

  • 5. Your sponsor/supporter can be a teacher, adviser, coach, community or religious leader, or any other adult who is not related to you but who knows about your goals and vision of how you plan to bring positive change in your school and/or community.

  • 6. The quality of your writing is less important than the significance of your efforts. The writing section (PART I) of the application MUST BE TYPED.

  • 7. Please only supply additional material if it would add substantially to the understanding of your efforts and activity. 

  • 8. All sections of the "Checklist" page must be checked off and included in your final submission.

  • 9. All selected recipients of the Warrior Movement's Making a Difference Scholarship will be asked to join the Warrior Movement Board Members at an awards dinner to present their activity/project.

  • Application (Check to make sure this is completed in all sections before you submit!)

  • High School Transcript (does not need to be official)

  • Proof of Tribal Affiliation (Enrollment or First Descendant)

  • College Acceptance Letter, if available

  • Part I: Essays Typed & Completed by Applicant

  • Part II: Recommendation Letter by Non-Relative

  • Part II: Sponsor Reference Form Completed by Non-Relative

  • Applications are due Thursday, June 13, 2024. Only one form of submission is required.

  • Acceptable submissions of your application include the following:    

  •  a. Email the application to:

  •  b. Submit Google Form Application.

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